1. a house of cards
  2. attachment styles and changes among women members of overeaters anonymous who have recovered from binge eating disorder
  3. genet the man and the author who chose to be a criminal
  4. immoral judgement extraversion neuroticism and criminal behaviour
  5. logotherapy theoretical aspects and field studies in israel
  6. moral judgment among incarcerated offenders from a psychotherapeutic background
  7. moral judgment by criminals and conformists as a tool for examination of sociological predictions
  8. moulding an emancipatory discourse
  9. neuroticism extraversion and meaning of
  10. pathways to womens crime
  11. personal and situational factors in drug use as perceived by kibbutz youth
  12. prisoners perception of informing to the
  13. recovering drug dependent
  14. the complementarity of crime and madness
  15. the moral infrastructure of
  16. typology of intimate
  17. valuation of moral information by juvenile delinquents a psycho sociological perspective
  18. violent prisoners